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System Integrity

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System integrity ensures that the product fulfills all needed standards with minimum resources investment.

It merges the methods of analysis from several flavors to one universal design guideline. All the modern standards and legislation aim at finding the ways the system can fail in given field and to find a sufficient countermeasure for that failure. Independently if this is Functional Safety, FSM, ISO 26262, Diagnostics, OBDII, Right-to-Repair, CMMI, A-SPICE, they all share the same goal of making the product design analyzed from several perspectives and with proven in use methods. How to know that a product is not only safe according to a standard but is really safe for users and will not get you into a product liability issue? How to reach compliance to legislation if you are a supplier of only a part of the overall package? How to handle these issues if you are part of a small or mid-size company? How to tackle them if you are in low production volumes market. The answer is system integrity.

We facilitate You to merge system design analysis, reduce the staff needed for fulfilling the standards, we offer practical advice and how-to produce bulletproof documentation that will make the product better, more integral, and save You the product liability issues.  

Having stated that, there is only one question left: how can we help Your project? 

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