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Cyber Security

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Since digital technology and the internet-of-things entered every aspect of our life there is a growing concern for Cyber Security. In the Automotive industry, it becomes even more serious as tampering with car systems can have dangerous consequences. Regulators around the globe have taken action and for some regions, Cyber Security (often referred to as CSMS for the vehicle and its environment infrastructure) is a part of vehicle type approval.

Automotive hacking is not new. It has been used for modifying vehicles to remove or disable emissions control systems and/or to increase engine output. The hacks that went beyond these topics were discovered by researchers and utilized aspects of diagnostics communications. As a result Roben Automotive (through the OBD & Diagnostics expertise) has been interested and involved in automotive cyber security from its early days and from before standards were drafted.

Roben Automotive has partnered with KAJE Cyber who bring experiences from Industrial Cyber Security (ICSMS) which applies to some part of the vehicle lifecycle and also help to provide examples.

An additional dimension that is connected with Cyber Security is that there is also a Software Update Management (often referred to as SUMS) which both allows for lifetime SW updates (and sometimes upgrades) of the vehicle and controls it to ensure the vehicle complies with the existing type approval or receives an updated approval.

Roben Automotive can offer Cyber Security and Software Update Management support in complying with (draft) standards, expectations from legislators and customers, and pragmatic but accurate risk identification and mitigation measures. As an independent entity, we are also a perfect reviewer.

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