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Functional Safety

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Functional safety aims at mitigating or eliminating potential vehicle failures that pose threat to driver and passengers. Functional safety did not start with ISO -26262 FuSa standard. Before that, the automotive industry introduced e-gas pedal or drive-by-wire concepts using industrial safety standards.

Roben Automotive was involved with these technologies and ISO standard development from the very beginning, thus having excellent insight not only on the content but also on intensions of the standard. Roben experts have the understanding of Product liability legislation and its correlation to Functional Safety. The numerous successful concepts, analysis and reviews for Tier 1 and OEMs of both passenger and off-highway vehicles have deepened our knowledge and forged practical, proven in use approach. On such basis we can offer pragmatic yet accurate Functional Safety support in:

  • complying to standards
  • meeting the expectations from legislators and customers,
  • risk identification and mitigation.

Due to independent character of our organization we are also an excellent choice to conduct reviews of existing concepts and documentation.


We have our branches in EU, US and India that can provide online support in preferred time zone or in person. Having stated that, there is only one question left: how can we help Your project?

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