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Diagnostics is a process of identifying a particular problem using a combination of symptoms and measurements. Ever since the first diagnostics were implemented in vehicles (the 1980s), there has been a strong interest from legislative bodies to use diagnostics to alert drivers when their vehicles have failure that makes it more polluting. Such alerting is better known as OBD. After all, some types of failure could go unnoticed. Diagnostics must be robust, and to achieve that, specific system analysis and diagnostics design methods have been created. These methods are also applied to diagnostics outside the exhaust gas domain. 


The Roben experts have gathered experience with OBD systems for California, Europe, China, Korea, India, Brazil, and other markets. Besides OBD also anti-tampering is in our portfolio. 

We developed the diagnostic concepts for several vehicles, including off-highway ones, thus have theoretical, legislation, and practical knowledge regarding OBD. The knowledge base spans over both internal combustion engine vehicles and electric-powered vehicles. We have our branches in the EU, US and India to provide online support in the preferred time zone or in-person. 

Having stated that, there is only one question left: how can we help Your project? 

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